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Indices Trading

Trading in the LMFX Indices provides a diversified point of access to various countries individual stock exchanges. So rather than trade in one single stock, trade in the U.K.'s FTSE or the German DAX and spread your exposure across the constituents of each index.

As with the LMFX Single Stock CFDs, you are able to benefit from the pricing mirroring the underlying exchange traded product, leverage and a low commission fee.

SWAP Policy Trading Hours

Index Typical Spread Swap Short Swap Long Limit and Stop Levels Used Margin * Tick Value ** per lot Contract Size (1 lot)
AUS200 10 -0.50 -0.85 7 200 $1 * AUDUSD 1
FRA40 1 -0.50 -0.85 5 200 $1 * EURUSD 1
GER30 2 -0.50 -1.13 5 200 $1 * EURUSD 1
SPA35 4 -0.50 -1.14 12 200 $1 * EURUSD 1
UK100 3 -0.50 -1.08 4 200 $1 * GBPUSD 1
USA100 2 -0.50 -0.85 4 50 $1 1
USA30 6 -0.50 -1.86 6 100 $1 1
USA500 0.6 -0.50 -2.15 -2.23 160 $1 1
USDIndex 0.5 -5.5 -8.5 7 200 $1 1
* Margin Based on a position size of 1 lot
** 1 lot equals 1 contract
***  Triple Swaps is applied on Friday. Swaps may be adjusted daily based on market conditions and are applicable to all open positions. The rates are provided by our Liquidity Providers and are adjusted for corporate actions such as dividends payout.
****  There is a commission of $2 per lot traded (round turn)
Attention: CFD Indices products allow traders to potentially profit or loss from the fluctuations in the price of the underlying cash index. Traders should take reasonable care to maintain sufficient available funds to avoid negative account equity due to position size and overnight swap charges especially during ex-dividend dates.

Trading Hours

Trading Product Trading Hours (GMT+2) Break Time (GMT+2)
USA30 Mon 01:00 - Fri 23:15 Daily from 23:15 until 23.30
USA500 Mon 01:00 - Fri 23:15 Daily from 23:15 until 23.30
USA100 Mon 01:00 - Fri 23:15 Daily from 23:15 until 23.30
UK100 Daily 09:00 - 23:00 None
GER30 Daily 09:00- 23:00 None
SPA35 Daily 10:00 - 18:30 None
FRA40 Daily 09:00 - 23:00 None
SUI30 Daily 08:50- 18:25 None
AUS200 Daily 00:50 - 23:00 Daily 07:30 - 08:10
Attention: During the time period from 23:55 to 00:05 server time increased spreads and decreased liquidity can take place due to daily bank rollover. In case of inadequate liquidity/spreads during bank rollover, widened spreads and excessive slippage may occur. Therefore orders will not be executed during these times.

Indices Overnight SWAP Rates

As with forex transactions, all Index CFDs are subject to overnight financing. Intraday positions incur no charges.

Through these overnight charges, we also allow for any corporate action resulting in funds being transferred to shareholders; exchange offers or bonus offers etc.

Therefore, in the event that a single stock you hold that forms part of the underlying index – therefore you are long - issues a dividend payment and you have held this position overnight, you will receive this dividend in the form of an adjustment to the SWAP. Conversely, a short position will be charged this through the overnight SWAP.

Due to the fact that you have entered into an Index CfD which consists of many underlying stocks, you may see frequent changes to the SWAP during times of corporate announcements.

Triple SWAPS are applied on Friday for all Index CFDs.

Please refer to the LMFX website for the corresponding SWAP rates.