Video Tutorials

    Beginners Course

  • Forex Advantage
    The advantages of Forex Trading, why Forex is one of the fastest growing markets, why trading is rapidly becoming a favorite among Stock Market investors.
  • Basic Forex Terms
    Familiarization with the basics of Forex, familiarization with many important trading terms, how to do the first step in trading.
  • Types of Orders
    In this lesson we’ll learn the different types of orders, how to use the right order type at the right time. The information in this lesson is part of the trading foundations every trader must know.
  • Winning Tactic
    In this lesson we’ll start learning how to combine all the information and use our professional trader's winning strategies and how to choose the strategy that works for you.
  • Glossary of Concepts
    Increase your Forex Knowledge by getting familiar with important trading and market terminology in this wide Forex Glossary.

    MT4 Tutorials

  • MT4 installation and Basics
    Learn how to setup the platform and get familiar with the main features: Installation and opening an account, login and changing the language, Market Watch Window, new charts, chart properties and time frames.
  • Orders and the Terminal window
    Opening, Closing and modifying orders, the Terminal Window, account history, reports, alerts and additional options.
  • Using Types of Orders
    Pending orders, trailing stop and changing the profit display.
  • Adding Indicators to the Graphs
    Using objects, adding indicators, help lines, editing and deleting objects.
  • Properties
    Some very important configuration features: Display definitions, Patterns, Profiles.